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A Christmas Message from Liz

So, it’s that time of year again.

Much as I love it, I don’t think the Christmas period is particularly “nudist friendly” .I’m afraid the two things just don’t go together. It’s probably because I live in the UK and have to endure The Great British Weather.

Now I know that many of you live in warmer climes, or in the Southern Hemisphere where Christmas occurs in your summertime and you can celebrate the holiday naked in the sunshine.

But here, in the UK, Christmas happens slap bang in the middle of the winter and in the UK it’s cold enough to freeze the brass knobs off a bedstead.

I’m a nudist, not a masochist, and the lower the temperature the more I become resolutely (and snugly) textile.

Look at me today, for instance.

I’m writing this in a warm house with the heating full on and a log fire roaring half way up the chimney, but outside it’s minus three degrees and it LOOKS so cold that I’m togged up like Eskimo Nell.

Call me soft if you want, but just the thought of sitting here naked chills me rigid.

But it’s not just the weather.

It’s the whole Christmas atmosphere.

I love it, but it just doesn’t go with being nudist.

I mean, just consider. The whole thing’s fraught with difficulty.

Log fires (sparks). Holly (prickly). Mistletoe (poisonous). Ivy (itchy)

Open the door naked to a bunch of carol singers and you’ll get locked up until Easter.

Try decorating a Christmas tree in the buff and you’ll be scrubbing pine resin out of your skin for a month.

And what in Heaven’s name DO you buy a nudist for Christmas?

Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a nudist Christmas party in a sauna or someone’s hot tub as much as anyone.

But at this time of the year nothing beats meeting good friends – fully dressed – in a splendid old coaching inn with a log fire crackling merrily in the hearth and a jolly landlord dispensing mulled wine and mince pies.

It just seems so …well… appropriate.

Anyway, this is my last postng before Christmas, so thanks for reading the go-nudist blog and, whether it’s nudist or not, please have a very Merry Christmas.